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imageCompanion Angels Home Care Solutions serves clients throughout New York. We are proud to be part of the community as caregivers and we apply a conscious effort to maintain the level of quality of our home care services.

For every home we visit and for every client in our care, it is the goal of Companion Angels Home Care Solutions to customize care services to suit the changing needs of the client. Here is a list of the services we provide.

At Companion Angels Home Care Solutions, our Companionship Services are tailored to meet your unique needs at home. We keep flexible hours so that we can provide care for you during your preferred schedule. Read More »

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Home Health Aide
Our home health aides are dedicated individuals who are there to provide support and attention to clients at home. They work under the supervision of an RN or Your physician. Their tasks may include personal hygiene and grooming, dietary monitoring, medication reminders, bath assistance, health monitoring, protective oversight and many more.

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Personal Care Assistance
Being hindered by age, injury or disability can take a toll on our ability to take care of ourselves. With us by your side, we provide flexible personal care assistance that allows you to focus more on your health and living your life to the fullest. The personal assistance we render is tailored to the needs, lifestyle and preference of each client.

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Occupational Therapy
Most angels opt out for medical treatment. They want to be left alone, making their illness more complicated due to lack of treatment. Our occupational therapists use expert techniques and programs to assist our angels in ADL assistance and training, simplifying the task, therapeutic exercises, and ambulating training.

Chiropractor adjusting the neck of an elderly female patient Chiropractic care applying dorsal manipulation
Senior men do some excercise with the therapists Senior men smiling together with his therapists

Live-In Care
When age, health and/or mobility contributes to the increasing challenge of living a quality life, Companion Angels Home Care Solutions is here to ease the burden and help you address the issues with coming to terms of the circumstance of having limitations due to medical conditions. Read More »

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Physical Therapy
Our Physical Therapy services are recommended for individuals who are struggling with their mobility due to disability, illness, injury, or problems of old age. With our skilled therapists, they are responsible for treating and assisting patients with exercises that could strengthen their muscles, improve their mobility, and lessen their pain.

Middle aged son walking beside his disabled elderly father Senior woman using chiropractic Roman Chair to stretch her spine, with the help of a nurse
Smiling therapists with invalid women in fitness studio Nurse With Male Patient In Rehabilitation

If you are looking for a reliable nursing team, let us know. Our skilled nurses are licensed and qualified to perform specialized tasks such as IV treatment catheter care, blood draw, wound care, tracheostomy care, pediatric care, chronic disease management, post-op wound care, and medication management.

Nurse smiling at the camera Nurses taking care of seniors
Beautiful african american female pediatric nurse in modern office Medical team in row looking at the camera

Social Work
Our social work aims to provide services that go beyond an individual’s health needs. We help patients enhance their social skills by actively participating in various activities in their community and establish a long-term care plan to ensure they will achieve the overall wellness they deserve. Also, we provide counseling and assessment to guide them in making more informed decisions in life.

Group of seniors and nurse playing cards in rest home Group of senior friends sitting on garden seat laughing
Senior woman at the game table Group Of Senior adults in a stretching class

These and other related responsibilities can fall on the dependable shoulders of our caregivers at Companion Angels Home Care Solutions. We hope you will consider us as your provider. Please tell us how we can help you at home. Get in touch with us today!

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